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LetsEncrypt - Free Open Certificate Authority

Have you ever noticed a green https:// near the website address name on the browsers? If you had noticed, you are luckily aware of the internet website security. https is a secure protocol version of http while http is hyper text transfer protocol to view web documents across internet. The https is enabled through obtaining a web security certificate from Certificate Authority(CA). The certificate authority is the one who verifies and validates your website and ensures the website is what it claims to be. There are many types of validations, namely, Domain Validation, Extended Validation etc. Some CAs provide wildcard certificates, i.e one certificate is enough to secure the web domain and all of its subdomains. For your information, All financial websites, banking sites use https protocol in order to protect customer information and avoid man in the middle attacks. They obtain https certificate from different CAs, mostly high expensive certificate providers. Ok. So, I

How to remove a file from GIT history

GIT, a source code management tool is famous among developers. Often times, developers miss to realise or understand .gitignore file in GIT ( a most popular open source repository tool ). This file helps to avoid unrelated files getting into the project repository. As a newbie to GIT, developers miss to add .gitignore and hence we get to see unwanted files or binaries added in the project repository. This may sometimes lead to issues for other developers. So, how do we remove a file from GIT history that should not have been added in the first place? Git has numerous commands of which   git filter-branch  can help us in this scenario. For example:  .iml files are Intellij editor files that will be created for each module. Lets suppose a developer (newbie) added this .iml file in project repository unknowingly. An other developer imports project modules in his/her IntelliJ editor. Then the latter will see *.iml as modified file. But this should not have been consider